Venus Factor by John Barban: Is it really Different?

The Venus Factor is a 12-week program for weight that aims to re-balance the responsible hormones in the body in order to gain weight and appetite. Venus Factor Diet Program for women can be done even at home which is good news for women who don’t want to go to the gym for the first few weeks of their workout.

With the quest for a well streamlined body physique, men are not only the subjects of many weight loss programs out there. With that in mind, it is not a surprise that that there are already several weight loss solutions that have been specially designed for women who want to achieve a better body shape and overall health for that matter. This is where the importance of The Venus Factor steps in.

It serves as the most scalable approach that answers the diverse needs of many women out there who are still looking for highly effective ways of burning extra fats.

Venus Factor is a kind of program that is designed for body transformation exclusively for women. Its main purpose is to develop the body in order to achieve an hourglass figure so it is more focused on the shoulder. Its rep range comes between 10 to 12 reps which mean that it also focuses on building the muscles while burning the fats in the body. All the workouts are being done in a manner that has a 60 second rest between each exercise.

Who is John Barban

The mind behind the Venus Factor fitness program is no other than John Barban. John Barban is a degree holder of Human Biology and Nutrition who is a graduate in the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Aside from that, he is also a master’s degree holder in the same degree at the same University. Aside from that, he is also a graduate at the University of Florida of Exercise Psychology.

He has worked for 3 years as a conditioning coach for Ice Hockey and as varsity strength at the University of Guelph. He also worked as a researcher and professor for exercise psychology. He has earned a lot of training certifications such as CSCS, ACE, NSCA, CSEP, PT and Kinesiologist.

How Does this Venus Factor Program Work?

The Venus factor system works with every woman who wants to reduce weight and achieve a fit and sexy body. Research says that one of the biggest problems of women regarding staying fit and weight losing is because of the level of Leptin that women have. Leptin controls the human’s sensitivity to the hormone, which makes them chubbier.

Once you get older and have your own children, your body would have the possibility to have Leptin resistance. When this happens, your body will stop from burning fat. The result is that storing fats unto your body will occur. That is why the Venus Factor Diet has come to realize the best ways to reduce fats through reversing the Leptin resistance of women.

The program uses a combination of the 12-week exercise plan and dietary changes. They assure you that you will have the best experience in losing weight and looking good better than the way you look before.

This weight loss program does the following:

It can re-train your body’s metabolism in order to start a naturally burning of fats, losing weight and toned looking.

The “Virtual Nutritionist Software Program” calculates the balance of food you need to eat every day for the course of the week. Therefore, you do not need to worry about looking for the best food to eat that contains the calories-free and fats-free.

If you have business lunches, social engagements or anytime you need to go out to meet other people and attend events, you do not need to worry because you can freely enjoy social activities without experiencing any pain. This is because the Leptin diet is actually built around your current lifestyle. There is a least, if any, which you will tend to eat fatty foods that could affect your diet plan. You will see the progress within you throughout the program such as getting better in metabolizing the food you eat.

The program will tone up your problem areas. Once the fat already melted away, you can have a naturally shaped body. You can actually choose form the extra modules that the exercise program is offering to help you more in achieving a physically fit body. The module includes shaping your stomach, shaping your butt and lifting your bust.

You might want to have an extra support while going through the weight loss program. The best thing in the venus factor weight loss program is that the system is a kind of membership form the online community that supports, motivates and helps you in answering any question you would want to ask.

This weight loss program works not only by reducing your weight and maintaining physically fit body forever but also helps in changing the way you live your life. It will help you maintain a positive outlook in life that will allow you to fulfill everything you want to do. In short, it helps you achieve your goals and dreams in life.

What Do You Get Inside Venus Factor

The Venus Factor Diet Plan consists of numerous components establishing up the whole body system for the female body shaping and fat loss journey. The sort of components arrives in a digital format, deliveries are not required as it consists of PDF nutrition and diet manual. Also, there is a PDF workout manual, a software application for the calorie and body management, online social community and at the same time 130 online body workout video demonstrations.

Here are the components of the Venus Factor Program :

Exercise Plan – the exercise plan is a modified 12-week program which can be executed at your own home or any gym or health club. A whole set of videos are included that illustrates how the users must work each of the suggested workouts. The HD instructional videos are very simple and easy to purse and still very effective. You can follow the exercise routine at the ease of your home. Compared to other weight loss courses that are accessible in the market, the Venus Factor doesn’t require any type of gym equipment. Thus, you don’t need to pay substantial total of cash to afford classy gym equipment.

The Key PDF Manual – this component of the Venus Factor can be read or print on any type of device. It includes a methodical clarification of the philosophy following the systematic and course instructions for trailing the exercise and diet guidelines. In this manual, it presents the important information about the Venus Factor program. This manual aids you to opt for more details, the creator of this venus system uncover eatables that you must prevent while undertaking the program. Therefore, the program exposes the secrets of the Leptin hormone, which plays a vital role in your system of weight management.

Online Forum – the program has also online forum wherein you can interact and connect with the other users. With this, you can request and ask detailed questions about the venus factor diet plan and at the same time share experiences and tips and make friends with the same like-minded women. Countless of women can articulate about they experience on the weight loss program and this occurrence shared with you will absolutely stay your level of your motivation increase while enduring the wanted transformation.

Virtual Nutritionist – software application that will establish a modified nutrition routine based on the details that the individuals will provide about themselves. This application software considers the user’s body measurement and concludes the calorie and protein intake. This novel thought performs as a watchdog in order to reduce and eliminate the extreme fat deposition in the different parts of your body.

What Kinds of Results can be Expected

Having extra pounds often gives low self-esteem and discomfort, especially to women. In some cases, they tend to isolate themselves due to extreme consciousness.

If you are one of the women who wants to keep body in shape, Venus Diet will be your perfect buddy. As a fitness program, it will make you feel great and more confident with your body. You won’t be forced to attend sessions at the gym anymore. By simply looking at your fitness guide, you will acquire knowledge regarding healthy exercises.

The Venus Factor will surely assist women on their goal of losing weight. Aside from shedding fat, it is expected that members of the program will be more physically fit and healthy. There’s no need to worry about safety because the Venus Factor System is designed to guide women without experiencing any side effects. It is a natural and fastest way of losing weight. After several days, you can observe great transformation.

The program will melt unwanted fats and help on muscle buildup at the same time. Women should not be burdened about their figure. Venus factor must be your primary choice when it comes to losing weight. It will make you more dynamic on performing exercises. All women will learn and enjoy with this fitness program. Achieving a sleek body won’t be impossible anymore. By simply involving yourself on the suggested routines, everything will be favorable.

Positives about the Venus Factor

People will be guided about the series of procedures. There will be no confusion because everything is done in an organized way. The step by step process will serve as your ultimate guide towards fitness.

Women just need to follow the workout plan in order to attain weight loss immediately. Effort is needed to ensure a desirable outcome.

There is an assurance that women will achieve a curve on their body. With the help of the program, they will experience total satisfaction.

Unlike food supplements, Venus factor won’t result to skin allergies and health risks. You will only expect for the best. Due to the fact that the Venus factor is a fitness program, it does not include an intake of any food supplement. You are guaranteed with safety and nourishment.

Through the help of very reliable fitness instructors and nutritionists, everything will be at ease. All members will be guided about the helpful exercises. Performing the essential body movements will result to a sexier figure.

Negatives about the Venus Factor

The fitness program is exclusively for women. Venus factor recognizes the importance of focus in order to make the exercises centered on a specific audience.

It appears as a PDF format. However, learning will still be comprehensive. Women can print the material if they want to acquire a copy.

Women will be required to watch over their disciplined diet. Instead of eating junk foods and other unhealthy snacks, they need to focus on healthy food consumption. By choosing nutritious foods over the unhealthy ones, Venus Factor will be more effective.

How Hard it is to Follow The Venus Factor Diet Program

Most of us want to have a slimmer and fitter body which paved way on the rise of different fitness programs that will surely help us to lose our excess weight. One of which is the Venus Factor Program. Unlike any kind of fitness activity, this is not hard to follow because this only consists of three phases within 12 weeks. Each of the phases is divided into 4 weeks. In every phase of the session, the client is given a specific plan for the workout to be followed properly.

It is very easy because the client is given the chance to have an access to all routine’s complete explanations, pictures, as well as videos which would guide them to the correct way of doing the workout for losing their weight. Doing this program would give positive impact in the body which would let every client experience the kind of body that they want to achieve. It is good to know that venus factor diet program would not bring any hair yanking hassle knowing that the process is very easy and convenient to do.

Using this program would allow you to combine its effects to dietary requirements which are needed by the body to function and become fitter and slimmer. For beginners out there, no need to worry because there are materials that can be used as guide in order for the program to be successfully done. If you are looking for a fitness program that would cater to your needs, do not hesitate to try “The Venus Factor” program for a fitter and sexier you. Love the kind of body that you would get from this program which would give you confidence and guts to face the challenges and the world around you.

What do Real Users Have to Say about the Venus Factor?

A lot of women find Venus Factor very ideal for making their body fit. They just have to stay patient and dedicated in doing the program to achieve their goal. Some women said that at their age, they can’t even imagine that they can still achieve the body that they desire. Some also said that they find the workout very easy to do and very convenient. There are also ladies that find The Venus Factor fitness program very comfortable and less hassle so they love it. Aside from that, those who have tried the workout are highly recommending it to their relatives and friends for them to see the great effects that it offers in achieving the body that they want.

Conclusion of Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor fitness program is tuned on making the female body greater compared to other diet plans that are commonly made for men and women. Aside from that, it is also considered as an all in one solution because it includes dieting, exercise and nutrition so you don’t have to spend for something else. All the things that you need in order to succeed with your goal are included in this one excellent weight loss solution for women.

As such, there is no doubt that the Venus factor is the best answered prayers for a lot of women out there who are on their weight loss journey. With a distinctive sets of feature that are patterned according to the rule of a thumb for women’s health and weight loss requirement, this weight loss program really deserves a try. However, while looking forward to experiencing the sheer power of The Venus factor, you should never understate the importance of being aware with the other sides of the coin. In short, there are still risks that you need to be watchful of. It is just quite good news, though, that these simple drawbacks are being outweighed by the immense benefits that it has to offer.

It’s time to get rid of those infamous belly fats. If you have been frustrated with other weight loss solutions out there, why not try the Venus Factor. Check it out now and you will surely experience a one of a kind approach for a dramatic transformation of yourself.

Flat Belly Fix – The SHOCKING REVIEW about Todd Lamb!

Hi, I’m Kimberly Hubbard. Thanks for stopping by !

I created this blog to share with you my experience regarding Flat Belly Fix weight loss program by Todd Lamb.

I created this blog in order to help others to decide if it is worth spending money or not for this program.

I have been overweight for a long time and so I understand how you feel right now. I have searched for years a safe way to lose weight fast and I always failed until I heard about Flatt Belly Over Night and I must say it has really CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

Let’s Start

When it comes to losing weight, one of the problems is that many fitness and nutritional experts give pretty basic advices, such as eating lots of vegetables and fruits or performing demanding exercises. However, that does not work equally on different people and sometimes the results can be underwhelming. Some people have success in lowering their belly fat by doing physical exercises or following specific eating regiments, but for some they do not work at all or help for just a short period of time.

Flat Belly Fix program explains in detail that people that are over the age of forty cannot experience positive effects just from exercising and following diets. As a matter of fact, it could even have quite an opposite effect on their bodies. This is from a reason that as the people get older they start to experience some hormonal changes in their bodies. Lower metabolism, changes in hormone levels and stomach problems can all have an impact in gaining weight. All of these factors make it almost impossible for people to eliminate their belly fats.

Characteristics of Conventional Exercises and Diet Programs

In the Flat Belly Fix program, Todd Lamb pointed out that you may experience some negative health issues when following certain diets without having proper information about them. The following are some characteristics of the traditional programs for losing weight, which shed a new light on these regiments.

Eating lots of vegetables or fruits does not help that much in losing belly fat. This is because many of the fruits and vegetables are carrying toxins from their treatment, which prevent your body from losing fat. Eating them in bigger quantities will lower the production of hormones responsible for burning fat in your body.

Consuming fewer carbohydrates can be dangerous for your heart. Diets that involve lower consumption of carbohydrates may increase your heart rate and the risk of heart diseases.

Lower intake of calories slows down the process of losing belly fat. Lower calories intake means slower metabolism, because you get less energy that comes from food. When your body does not get the energy from food it cannot eliminate the belly fat.

Demanding and tough exercises can cause different body inflammations. Damage in joints, ankles and muscles can often occur, and this can lead to other health issues, such as increased blood pressure, higher levels of cholesterol in your blood, or heart diseases.

Flat Belly Fix looks into these things carefully and takes into consideration the changes in the hormone levels that occur with aging.

I lost eight pounds in just one week by following this program. That exceeded my expectations, and the trick for losing fat is pretty simple. By adjusting your eating habits, following an exercise sequence and adding some herbs and spices into foods, you can also reach success in burning your belly fat.

Flat Belly Fix helped me lose over twenty pounds in just six weeks. It also eliminated my type 2 diabetes and my blood pressure returned to healthy and normal levels. All of that came by following this Flat Belly Fix program, and that should motivate you to try it and burn the belly fat that you have always wanted to get rid of.

Benefits from the Flat Belly Fix Program

Like with many other things, people are usually skeptical when they have to try different things or make some adjustments in their daily regiments. However, there is no need for you to be nervous.

Flat Belly Fix program is a system for elimination of the belly fat, which gives you the opportunity to quickly lose couple of pounds of belly fat overnight by simple following of a successful trick. This program is intended to be used for a longer period of time, so the results will be better and more consistent. According to the program, you will notice significant changes within one week since the start of this program. Among other things, you will first notice increased energy levels, less pain in back and joints, increased libido and belly fat fading.

Todd Lamb claims that his program can help in increasing the body metabolism, elimination of different toxins, better balancing of hormones, increased oxygen levels in the cells, firmer muscles on your belly and reduced pain that appears from exercising. In some cases, Flat Belly Fix can also help in the reversal of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. The program does not require you to follow any particular diets, and it is consisted of three separate parts.

Final Thoughts of Flat Belly Fix program

Everybody is different and not all people can achieve the same results over the same period of time. Lots of factors contribute whether you will achieve the desired effects or not, but a good thing is that Todd Lamb offers sixty-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this program and the results that come from it. That way everyone can feel really comfortable for trying the program, because there is nothing to lose and a lot can be gained from following the Flat Belly Fix.

One thing to have in mind is that although following the three-step program is very simple, you still have to make some minor changes when it comes to your food shopping routine and the methods for preparation of meals.

However, a great thing is that you can eat all the foods you love and you do not have to give up anything you do not want to.

Using additional spices and herbs in your meals will only add better flavor to the food, and you may discover new tastes that you will love. Drinking herbal based teas will also help you along the way, because it will relax you and will hydrate your body.

If you want to learn more about this program and how to start burning your belly fat, it is advisable for you to start with this regiment as soon as possible. You can learn everything from the comfort of your home, and you do not have to put some extra effort or alter your diet in order to burn belly fat.

Click here to get instant access to Flat Belly Fix at the best price and start to lose weight and you wear tight clothes in a few weeks!

The Flat Belly Fix offers something good for everybody. You will find many valuable advices and tips for burning belly fat, properly categorized in different categories.

Regardless whether you are just a novice that wants to try something new for burning fat or you have more experience with trying out different programs, Flat Belly Fix is very easy to understand. You will get a detailed guide for doing exercises and workout plans with photographs and instructions. If you want to live a healthier life and eliminate the belly fat in shortest possible time, then this is the program that you have to try.